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Do you have a business or are you self employed?

If you are paying more than £8.34 per month to your accountant, you’re probably paying too much. Read this page to find out why.

Is your accountant charging you too much?

The answer to this is probably ‘yes’. Most accountants will try and charge you as much as they can while his other clients are probably paying less. This is because it’s not WHAT you know, it WHO you know. And because of this, other clients are looked upon favourably for various reasons. But this is where we differ…

We treat everyone special

We treat you as special as our oldest clients, if we reduce the price for them, we reduce the price for you. We are in it for the long run and if we can ensure that we look after you, complete your accounts, and help you reduce your TAX then we know you won’t go elsewhere.

Why is it so cheap?

It’s cheap because we don’t advertise nationally on TV, Radio or in papers. This helps us keep our running costs low and we pass on the savings to you.

Is it the same thing my accountant is providing?

All accountants provide a very similar service, your accounts get done, they get submitted, they try to reduce your TAX liability and ensure that you can sleep at night. We are no different, we’ll do everything your accountant does and more. We’ll always be on hand to speak to and we will never charge extra for the more advice or time you spend with us, we want you to be totally happy with our service.

Is this the cheapest in the UK?

We believe we offer the cheapest accounting service in the UK without compromising on quality or service. All you have to do is try us and you’ll never go back to your old accountant. What you will learn when you’re with us is there is a whole world of tax saving tips that’s being hidden from you and we’ll reveal the good, the bad and the ugly and you’ll have more knowledge of accounting than ever before.

Is there a minimum contract?

Unlike some accountants, we will never tie you into a contract, you can leave anytime, so you never have to worry about being tied into contract.

Where do I have to be located?

We have clients all over the UK including London, Birmingham and as far as Cornwall. We are based in Manchester but most of our clients are at least an hour away from us. This is because you can easily deal with us over the phone and post us your paper work and we’ll get on with your accounts. You don’t need to be in Manchester to use us.

Who else uses us?

We have over 27,000 clients all over the UK but we provide a personal service and you will always have a direct number to your personal accountant who will be able to answer any questions you have.

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  1. You must be based in the UK
  2. You must have a limited company or be trading as a sole trader or looking to open a business
  3. If you don’t have a company, we will set one up for you

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