Self Employed

Accounting for the self employed or sole traders

If you are self employed or a sole trader you will also need an accountant. We look after hundreds of self employed and sole trader businesses who rely on us to make sure that they are paying as little as possible for their accounting and paying as little TAX as possible. We know how important your hard earned cash is and we are here to ensure that you pay as little TAX as possible.

Saving TAX for self employed and sole traders

We don’t just do your accounts but we give you ways you can save tax to minimise how much you give to the tax man. Most accountants will just do your accounts and leave you with a tax bill at the end of the year. We work very differently. Our aim is to help you keep as much money as possible. There are so many ways you can save money that your current accountant won’t tell you about or doesn’t know.

Most accountants won’t tell you how to save tax, we will

The reason why most accountants won’t tell you how to save tax is because it requires a little bit more effort on their side. So they will happily just continue letting you pay more tax so that they can do less work. We believe that is unethical and we have changed the face of accounting to make the best possible tax saving strategies available to you.

If you want an accountant that will save you tax but won’t charge you more for it then get in touch with us today.

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